15 Things You Didn't Know About Vincent Van Gogh

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In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:
Who was Vincent Van Gogh?
How rich was Vincent Van Gogh?
What is the most expensive Vincent Van Gogh painting?
Is Vincent Van Gogh French?
Is Vincent Van Gogh still alive?
What are the best Vincent Van Gogh facts?
What is the best Vincent Van Gogh documentary?
What are the best Vincent Van Gogh quotes?
How many questions did Vincent Van Gogh paint?
Why are Vincent Van Gogh's paintings so expensive?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut his ear?
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    Van Gogh:can draw himself perfectly me trying to draw my self : draws a Stickman

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    Vincent Van Gogh

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    Van Gogh is my favorite artist even though his rival Gaguin cut his ear

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    If i die , i will for sure to see some people in the outerworld , one is this guy. I dont know but this guys life is something extraordinary. I want to learn from him wow, what a guy , what a gift if nature to us. He was the god 🙏 just living patiently and gone at the end, atleast he did what he always wants to do.

  9. • m o c h a •

    • m o c h a •7 dögum síðan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="183">3:03</a> Just paint he has used pencil when he was a child because his mother was somewhat of an artist or self well retired, his mother had them (everyday) draw in their sketchbooks. It was a daily task for them but Vincent enjoyed it. Just putting this out there because he did indeed do art as a child

  10. • m o c h a •

    • m o c h a •7 dögum síðan

    Vincent was a troubled man... It's sad to think how lonely he really was, people were cruel and jealous even. Idk it just hurts to think that he isn't around anymore for me or for anyone else to support him. He will forever be remembered and loved by all kinds of ppl around the world ❤

  11. Yusuf Novantoro

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    for collectors, I have original van gogh paintings. I will sell it in the near future. please if you want to buy an email to itunovan@gmail.com it's serious! thx

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    For anyone dealing with depression this is an example that things get better .... hang on, life is beautiful. You are loved.

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    I love Vincent Vab Gogh but honestly the elitist and materialistic intro kinda threw me off 😬 Nice video but maybe something to think about.

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    Interested in great ISgos videos of Van Gogh, then check out the songs by Michael Franks “In the Yellow House” and “Vincent’s Ear” accompanied by all Van Gogh’s great painting! Also watch the motion picture, “Loving Vincent” that tells his life story in “visual paintings”. ❤️🙏

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    Vincent van Gogh Amazing Reprints - www.tallengestore.com/collections/vincent-van-gogh

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    The word pain is in painting for a reason ...

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="735">12:15</a> Lee VAN Cleef.

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    how his painting is so especial and expensive but i didnt see anything special to his painting? can u explain it to me? becuase im so interesting to him

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    I am pissed by how this Lady pronounces “Van Gogh “. All the time....

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  31. Hoenn4Ever

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    To those of you who are fans of Vincent van Gogh, I wanna give you all a reminder: Today is 22 March, 2020. And in just a few weeks, it's going to be Vincent van Gogh's 167th birthday on 30 March, 2020.

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    Wish I had a time machine I’d go and get Vincent and bring him to today and let him see how famous and loved he became RIP Vincent

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    3. WRONG, he indeed draw a bit, there are even some drawings from early stages of his life.

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    Another song is "He Loved Color and He Let it Show" by Jonathan Richmond.

  47. MandyJMaddison

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    And here is the 16th thing that you didn't know about Vincent van Gogh. In all probability, he DID NOT take his own life. He SAID that he did. He staggered home to his lodgings with a bullet in him, and died as a result. But nearly a century after his death, a family from the village stated that he had in fact been shot by a child who was shooting crows. Vincent had taken the gun and told the two boys not to tell anyone what had happened. This was the same deeply compassionate man who many years earlier, as an impoverished pastor in a mining town in Belgium, had given his own overcoat to a widow.

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    So your pretentious ass will try to pronounce "Gogh", but you don't pronounce "Theo" correctly... ...Makes you look like try-hard idiots.

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    Not wanting to shit-talk this video, but all of these were common facts about him. Misleading title. . . . Also selfie king was cancer as fuck.

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    I hate how the narrator says Gogh

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    A truly awful painter and nut job. That this rubbish is prized as art shows how gullible people are.

  52. I love Pickles

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    The teacher made us watch it in class (not sure how to say it but not in a force way) and we learned about him a little but i wanted to know more so I’m gonna watch this

  53. Zacharie Biollo

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    Ironic that Van Gogh was dirt poor and now rich elitists are claiming him as theirs

  54. Art Vale

    Art Vale4 mánuðum síðan

    While I don't think Van Gogh had anything more than a crazy-artist (not gay) affair with Gaugin; I've always thought that Gaugin was the one who cut off V.G.s ear. I think there's also a record of Van Gogh telling theo: Paraphrased: This is the way I wanted to go, before he died--and he had attempted suicide before. Anyway, here's a link to an interesting website concerning his death: www.theartnewspaper.com/blog/van-gogh-committed-suicide-the-murder-story-is-a-myth

  55. Cathida Gray

    Cathida Gray4 mánuðum síðan

    Funny thing that his sister in law "Made it her life's mission" to collect all of his works of art and distributed them to every place she could after both his brother and he died. And what this fails to mention was Theo supported Vincent on the stipulation that Vincent had to send him his PAINTINGS every month and that Theo would be able to keep all monies made from his work. Funny how that worked out and the ear deal with Gaugin was all bull shit Paul worked for Theo and was paid to go stay with Vincent and report back to Theo and I honestly think Theo was playing both them for fools and Gauguin either figured it out when a painting of his sold or Theo couldn't plag him anymore once he figured out his paintings were selling I honestly think Theo and his wife were pulling some shady shit honestly think about it the man hadn't been dead but 60 years and a painting sold for 50 some million bucks but he didnt sale anything while alive but a widow takes it upon herself to travel around and collect over 2400 pcs of work just because she thought the world should not be neglected BULL SHIT Theo and her were sandbagging his ass and I'll put a million bucks on it that Theo killed his ass because what makes an artist rich NOTHING THEY DIE AND THERE RELATIVES GET RICH

  56. babatunde adefila

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    I don’t understand why he was poor when his paintings 🖼 cost lots of money 💵

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    babatunde adefila people didnt like his art back then

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    A version of sunflowers in Japan was destroyed by American bombing during WW2.

  61. Gavin Reid

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    Van Gogh was sometimes difficult to understand when he spoke because he had 10 missing teeth.

  62. Ethan McCarthy

    Ethan McCarthy5 mánuðum síðan

    Sounds like he had Asperger's, I was lead here by Ellie Goulding's beautiful rendition of "Vincent". My Daughter has high functioning Autism, her mind, memory, effortless abilities amaze me. Van Gough, Thank you. :)

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    This is so shallow , the way she talks so commercial so typical sales tone of voice no emotion, no sign of appreciation nor understanding the level of this master arist‘s ART! What were you thinking daring speaking about such artist like this?! 😒👎

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    The Genius Van Gogh. VINCENT Artist.

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    They were room mates and he described their relationship as "electric". Right. so lets just jump to the conclusion that they were lovers.

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    My favorite is Almond Blossom, I have been obsessed with that painting my whole life and Irises, I saw the last one at Getty Center and I was so touch that I almost cried when I finally saw a famous Van Gogh

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    In the end Who are the ppl Who rly can Rise a artist from the grave? Money can do so much and make so much, even famous after u die

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    I’m related to Vincent Van Gogh because he’s my grandads second cousin 2 removed