My Step-mom chest Ripped My Family Apart

My name is Anna and my stepmom threw me out of the house, so that’s why I’m now a homeless person that eats food scraps out of dumpsters. But during that time, eating scraps was the least of my worries! My parents got divorced after my mom discovered that my dad cheated on her with a waitress. My mom gave up custody of me. It was her way of “ teaching my dad about responsibility” , but three weeks later my dad married that waitress. It was clear he only did it because of her enormous breasts. My stepmom was so mean to me. She made me do all the chores by myself, meanwhile she just sat and watched TV. I once broke a dish and she screamed hysterically in my face and called me a savage. She served my food in a dog - bowl that she put on the floor for me to eat fro m. Sometimes her dog would beat me there and eat my food first, and I would have to go to bed starving. I had to put an end to her evilness, so I told my dad everything but he ignored it all and told me that he trusted her way of raising me and that he th ought that she was raising me well. Then he said that sometimes we have to learn the way! He was unbelievable!! I walked out and headed to the yard where I kept a few little rats. I fed them some bits of bread that the dog had left for me in my bowl. Browny, my favourite rat looked sick so I took him back into the house with me without anyone noticing and let him sleep next to me. A few hours later I woke up to the screams of my stepmom. She was running around like a crazy person and poor Browny was h olding on to her hair. He jumped on me when he saw me, and my stepmom pointed at me and said, “You witch! I know that you set that rat on me on purpose!” Then she looked to my dad and said, “It’s either me or her, you choose!!” Well, the choice was easy fo r him... And that was how my stepmom threw me out of the house. I hugged Browny and went to my mom’s house as I had no other place to go. When I arrived at her house I knocked, and her new boyfriend opened the door, but he wouldn’t let me in. He told me t hat my mom didn’t want me in her life anymore. I heard my mom in the background asking, “Who is it?” “Just the pizza boy. He got the wrong address,” he replied and slammed the door in my face. I walked on the streets looking for a spot where I could spend the night. Browny jumped out of my palms and ran, and so I ran after him until we reached an abandoned building that had several homeless people standing inside it around a fire. One of them walked over to me and asked in a sharp tone, “Where do you think you’re going?” “I want to spend the night in a warm place, that’s all!” I replied. She said, “Things don’t work like that in here little girl, you have to give us something in return!” I looked in my backpack and found my make - up tools and Browny ’s food. I gave her both. She took Browny’s food and said, “Are you serious?” What on earth am I supposed to do with that?!” While I was standing next to the fire someone came up to me and started flirting with me! Suddenly, a huge person hugged me from b ehind and I heard the voice of a woman saying, “She is mine now, my dear. Go find yourself another one.” Even though it felt kinda nice to be hugged, she smelled horrible, like she hadn’t showered in months!! I laid next to her that night because I had no other choice. She wouldn’t let me out of her sight. I waited until she’d fallen asleep, then I snuck out. But on the way out Browny hit a box that was on the floor and it made a loud noise. Suddenly the big woman woke up! I started running and screaming, “Run Browny, run!” The woman started chasing us, and I thought we wouldn’t make it! After running for what felt like forever, we were exhausted. I stood next to a dumpster to catch my breath. There was a kitten that was nibbling on a half - eaten McDonald’s meal that had been thrown away. It was like a dream come true for me. I leaned forward to share the meal with the cat. I tried to act like a cat so that it would think I was a cat too. I got down on all fours, but the cat wasn’t as stupid as I was. My pla n didn’t work. It knew exactly what I was trying to do. The cat jumped on my face, and all I could see were its little paws scratching my face. Finally, a man passed by and got her off me. And the whole time Browny just hid behind the dumpster, leaving me to be attacked all alone. The man offered to buy me a Mcdonald’s meal. I couldn’t refuse an offer like that, I mean I was starving! He ordered me a family size meal that was meant for four people! He asked me what a little girl like me was doing in a dark, scary alley all alone at night? “My stepmother threw me out of the house,” I told him between bites. Suddenly a piece of meat fle w out of my mouth and landed on his face. I expected him to freak out, but instead he just cleaned it off with an expensive napkin and laughed out loud. I


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