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this video is not for boys
wait...stop... NOOOOOOOOOOO-
Something is WATCHING me in my bed
Are You an Angel or Devil? QUIZ
When saying NO screws you over
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    Thanks for making me feel not as ashamed to be myself ♥️

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    Yesterday was me bday

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    I thought it was Norman because the person who got the horses taken away was wealthy so why would he need to trade?

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    Is it bad I constantly trip over my jeans

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    3:25 *BALLOON!* Shortly, nope

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    The only time I managed to get something on a shirt was when I used heat transfer vinyl, not regular old paper that isn't meant for such things.

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    The tunge thing is easy

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    I Think you you’re 21 or 22

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    Don't ask me why are you twice on this video just wanted to say how did the watch survive the water?

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    Huh I'm late well 3 years isn't that late right?

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    It was nine because there was a chicken

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    I feel mean asking this but who do you like more: Azzy Or Gloom Like for gloom comment for azzy Do both for both I'm not saying tho

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    Wow Casie , I’m gonna tell my mom to buy me new socks! Lol 😆 XD

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    in my school we needed to get some money for charity so we opened up a pop-up stall and we sold button badges, caps, T-Shirts, and car stickers and we ironed on the print ourselves onto the T-Shirts and caps and i think why it didn't work for you is because there's a certain type of paper you need to use soooo yeah

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    He should shoot the maniac because it's nearly dawn and vampires hate sun light

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    Seven-second riddles are lying about prisoners have their head shaved in prison, I know people that had gone to prison for a month and their hair was still there...SO THEY BE LIEIN

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    1:01...does she look like the girl from(123 go/5-minets craft)or is it jus me??sorry for bad spelling -3-

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