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Here I do videos that I feel like making, including:
Character Creator Critique - a look at the positives and negatives of different games character creators.
A Crap Guide - sit down and shut up while JoCrap learns you all the ins and outs of different games, hobbies, and anything else that tickles your pickle.
J-Overly Edited - a lets play with more editing than is ever necessary for a single video.

How Do You Design a Pokemon? | JoCat
J-Overly Edited Persona 5 #3 [END]
J-Overly Edited Persona 5 #2

J-Overly Edited Persona 5 #2

10 mánuðum síðan

J-Overly Edited Persona 5 #1

J-Overly Edited Persona 5 #1

10 mánuðum síðan

HIJEK has Moved, But Not Very Far
Overly Edited Doom 2016
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    And Blue-Red is the best combination. Rapid-Fire (pun intended) spellcasting and denial of opponents powers. Also Niv~ :3

  5. Tyler Rieb

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    I don't know why I prefer to get info this way but I do. It's just direct with personality and it's great

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    What is the big talking tree

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    And where are the Kreen ma dude?!

  8. Stephany Lexru

    Stephany Lexru49 mínútum síðan

    Watching Puffin take notes reminds me of how my craft fare posey works. I’m a totally newbie to the scene and every one is so kind in helping figure stuff out. Creative people are awesome with sharing info and learning from each other.

  9. Darius der Rote

    Darius der Rote56 mínútum síðan

    It's so weird to hear those voices from these people!

  10. Zoë Oblivionkeeper

    Zoë OblivionkeeperKlukkustund síðan

    what's that violin back beat? i hear it all the time but i cant find it

  11. ohana means family nigga

    ohana means family niggaKlukkustund síðan

    i like the bo burnham vibe you got going on here

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    1:38 Praise Oriana!

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    I learmed absolutely nothing and had a damn good time doing it!

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    This was god damn amazing... All be it a little... Raceist

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    Most racist rap in the world

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    instructs did not have enough pictures - cast fireball on ally and got sliced and diced.

  22. Child Of God

    Child Of God2 klukkustundum síðan

    So... I’m an Eladrin Planar Warrior Ranger in a group of people, one of two of the original members. Originally, we had a Druid, a Bard, a Barbarian, two Rangers (including myself), a Forge Cleric and a Wizard. At the end of the first arc... I had done the most damage, closely followed by the Barbarian. So. Rangers are still good:)

  23. Whale Sharko

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  24. RPGGamer

    RPGGamer2 klukkustundum síðan

    Fantasy world just seem so crowded these days, I kind of miss when it was just Human, Elves, Dwarves and Halflings (with the occasional Gnome thrown in from time to time).

  25. l ribs

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    0:57 *wizards*: IM A JOKE TO YOU?

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    I just noticed that the artificer is missing the table.

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    Jo spits straight fire

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    I wonder if the class locks on gender and body type help in the gameplay, allowing you to see who is what class in an instant. then again, looking at a quick overview of your characters here... I still couldn't really tell that well and I severely doubt that you can tell on the smaller in-game view.

  29. Esion 01

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    Where do I find the 5th edition? Amazon isn't really very clear .-.

  30. Tyler Kemery

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    Kind of happy that we now have a song explaining all of the races in D&D. Kind of sad that we didn't get an individual video over explaining every single race like we did for classes lol

  31. Grosman

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    You know, I always got the chaingun early because it's secret was so obvious that I don't know where your supposed to get it.

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    Holy shit! This was a great one JoCat. Keep kicking ass

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    So many races and I still missed the Khajiit, I mean Tabaxi..

  34. The Scoot

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    This is the song I will play when the party enters a tavern

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    reconigsing the voices and seeing the author takes a toll, but is managable

  36. Eantrin

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    ...I just noticed the Wizard best to describe in a family friendly way...the 18+ passionate hugging D&D book...

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    This is the most excited I've seen JoCat in his videos so far since I started watching this channel- xD

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    the ffxiv colosseum attire had me fucking dead, LOL

  39. Turtle worshiper

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    As someone who never makes a character with a race and class fit the last bit- I felt that

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    Nicely done. You get a like.

  41. João Vitor Barbosa

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    No one at the comments said that he screwed with Medite? Gastly would take no damage from bide, you know.. GHOST type, normal/fight move

  42. JonarusDraconius

    JonarusDraconius4 klukkustundum síðan

    And yet I consider this class to be proof that I'm a "Real roleplayer" - Why? Because I saw the blandest possible combe (human male fighter), and took it as a challenge to my ability to make something actually interesting... ~JD

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    So when is the Crap Guide it JoCat

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    Got to be front row at this panel and had an amazing time! JoCat you are such an awesome genuine human.

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    Just so you know, Jocrap's faces "Gee" and "what it DOES" just after the intro are now emojis I made for my own use. I'll post them in your discord. <3

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