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    Wtf are they hiding from God lol we all know how it ends Lord Jesus will come with a heavy wrath for those satanist and their followers smh You will never escape Gods wrath

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    I love it. This man will prosper in Christian rap just as he did in regular rap. So glad to see him change sides.

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    What is with crazy people & Christianity? We have a mental illness facility in town, and so many of the “inmates” are all about Jesus Christ. A group of them volunteer at the animal shelter where I work, and they just love Jesus. I wonder why it’s so appealing?

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    You know what💁🏻‍♀️ your all right. God is in the details of all of this. Satan works through ppl just like God does. God gives the devil permission to do certain things, such as this Kanye deception. The purpose here is to separate the wheat from the tare as Gods been doing since the beginning of time. The tare are the child like thinkers that believe this is real. The Bible talks about the milk and the meat. Those who are still on the milk have the mentality that If a person says they’re good then they must be. Those on the meat immediately know in their spirit when something just isn’t right. Not because we are better than the milk ppl we have just studied and understand in our spirit what we have studied and are then able to see what we have studied in everyday life. The Bible doesn’t give us knowledge for it not to be used.

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    SANDI ELJER20 klukkustundum síðan


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    A y espero tu respuesta si ves el comentario amen

  76. Wander García rosario

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    Buenas noche Kanye Dios te bendiga siervo de cristo todo esto Día melae pasado orando porti teniéndote en oración para que cristo siga rompiendo cadena. La razón porla que vengo ati es la primera kiero conocerte si es que es la voluntad de Dios. La segunda es me congregó en una iglesia aquí en la República Dominicana que el techo es de sin cuando llueve se moja yo no soy el pastor de la iglesia yo solo soy un evangelista que vive por fed no tengo trabajo solo le trabajo a Dios megustaria que Dios tocará tu corazón y deje caer lo que sientas en tu corazón soy una persona que nome gusta pedir pero cuando es para algo De Dios lo hago amen Dios te bendiga estaré orando porti sino me puedes ayudar yo como quiera estaré orando que el señor bendiga tu familia bendiciones paz

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    Kim Kardashian gives two shots about learning about the bible this is all kind of a publicity stunt

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    Did you dream this? We've all been dreaming of hiding in the wilderness ...God's showed us something's coming the world will never be the same.check my channel prophetic dreams. This video has all the themes I've seen in my dream, dreams given by god to his believers.

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    I like it🤗🤗🙂😀

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    100% Truth in plain sight, Kanye West is a servant of anti-christ. These celebrities continue to mock The Most High. There time draws near, Yeshua/Jesus will come to make war against those who are evil doers.

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    According to TMZ many models used the site *AUTHENTIC VIEW$ (.) C0/\/\* for youtube popularity by getting quality views, comments and likes from this site.

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    Not once did he spread the good news on any of his songs. He is a false convert and he will be part of the new religion. Will lead many astray form God.

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    This some rajneeshi far cry 5 type shit man... why you gotta fuck up religion? “They will think twice before they step up on my land”.... that’s some cult shit

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    Eating Chick-fil-A while listening to this 😂

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